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Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania holds the premier position among African Safaris and we can tailor make any trip in Tanzania and/or it?s Islands- Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia for you.

Tanzania has three safari circuits and each one of them would make Tanzania a top wildlife destination.

The popular Northern circuit with the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater offers one of the best classical safaris in Africa, especially if timed with the annual wildebeest migration.

Pros and Cons

Superb wildlife viewing, including the annual wildebeest migration in the Serengeti

Off-the-beaten-track safaris in Selous and Ruaha parks

Several wildlife viewing circuits for repeat visits

Best chimp tracking in Africa in Gombe and Mahale Mountains

Beach holiday extensions in Zanzibar

Traditional indigenous cultures

Too many highlights to fit in one safari

Premier Parks and Reserves

Serengeti ? Classic safari

Ngorongoro ? Classic safari

Lake Manyara ? Classic safari

Tarangire ? Classic safari

Selous ? Classic safari

Ruaha ? Classic safari

Gombe ? Chimpanzee tracking

Katavi ? Classic safari

The Kiswahili word ?safari? literally means to travel, usually a great distance that includes some form of nightly rest spent on route.

Tanzania Safari choices are unlimited, is it Tanzania Camping Safari, budget basic joining others, or a Tanzania Lodge Safari ? standard, luxury, or luxury tented safari, how many days/nights and using Tanzania Wildlife Lodges and Hotels or Sopa Lodges or the Serena Lodges chain of luxury accommodation.

Tanzania Camping Safaris conjures up many different images for different people ? memories of scout and guide camps as a youth or perhaps family camping trips ? but for the purposes of the safaris offered by TanzaniaSafarisZanzibarTravel.Org Holidays there are four categories:

Budget Camping Tanzania Safari

Budget Camping Tanzania Safari involves traveling with all your camp equipment, your guide and possibly a cook in your vehicle with you. Once you get to camp everyone helps cook and set up. This is economical and fun, but does mean that you spend valuable time in the evening organizing your camp and food when you could be out on game drives. You may join a group or have the safari as a ?private safari?

Fly Camping Tanzania Safari

Fly Camping Safari Tanzania Fly camping involves setting up small, temporary camps for a night under the stars, more often than not in a remote part of the bush.

Luxury Camping Tanzania Safari

Luxury Camping Safari Tanzania- Imagine feather pillows, soft towels, gin and tonic on the rocks and four course gourmet meals in a candlelit dining tent as far from civilization as you can get. 

Lightweight Luxury Camping Tanzania Safari? Like the luxury camps, tents will have metal or wood-frame beds, standing headroom, a veranda and small en-suite toilets and hot showers. However, the tents will be smaller and may be the traditional ?A? shape with a central ridge pole. 

Tanzania Lodge Safaris are Private Safaris just your group in vehicle. Northern Safari Circuit of Arusha National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater 

We mainly offer three chains of Tanzania Safari Lodges,

Wildlife Lodges and Hotels, This supposedly standard chain is already of very high class and caters for honeymooners in the Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit.

All are of very high standard and are ideal even for your honeymoon.

Tanzania Safari using Tanzania Wildlife Lodge and Hotels

Tanzania Safaris Wildlife Lodges Hotels $350.-USD Per Person Per Day Itineraries

Tanzania Safari using Tanzania Sopa Lodges

Tanzania Safaris Sopa Lodges Hotels $400.-USD Per Person Per Day Itineraries

Tanzania Safari using Tanzania Serena Lodges

Tanzania Safaris Serena Lodges Hotels $420.-USD Per Person Per Day Itineraries

Tanzania Safaris Southern Safari Circuit ? Mikumi Selous, Ruaha, Katavi

Southern Tanzania safaris are less famous than those of the North and the Parks receive few visitors.

Those on safari for the first time will probably prefer to visit the big names of Ngorongoro or Serengeti but the parks of the South are vast and beautiful and offer a more remote wildlife experience.

Whilst Arusha  the Mecca of Tanzania Safaris is the logical point of departure for all Tanzania Safaris in the North all National Parks are closely grouped together with bigger hotels and lodges holding many guests.

For Southern Tanzania Safaris, the Parks of the South are each separated one from the other by quite large distances and whilst the road situation is improving most connections are best made by small reasonably priced charter or scheduled flights which move between the parks.

Tanzania Safari Camps and Lodges in the Southern Tanzania Safari Circuit are smaller with only a dozen or so rooms in each making Tanzania Southern Circuit Safaris more authentic, here safaris are still the way they used to be 50 years ago, whilst out on Safari you hardly come across any other tourists once you depart your safari camp or lodge.

There is also a wonderful safari train link between Selous and Dar es Salaam, but unfortunately it is very unreliable.

The best point of departure in general is Dar es Salaam but your safari in the South can also start with a flight connection from Nairobi, Arusha, Zanzibar or even Mafia Island with directly daily connections to the Selous National Reserve.

Tanzania Safaris Coastal Safari Circuit ? Saadani

Tanzania Safaris Western Safari Circuit ? Rubondo, Mahale,

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